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The List Maker


I often wonder whether other people get wrapped up in their internal dialogue as much as I do. Its so easy and so draining. Too many lists, wishes, should be doings, and not enough action. But sitting here writing about it still isn’t actually taking action is it. I am a list maker. I saw the movie The Bucket List and then proceeded to write  an extensive bucket list of my own. I  proceeded to scour the internet for ideas for my bucket list so I don’t leave off anything exciting. I was so focused on making the list, when the whole idea is to be focused on the time you take for granted in life and to actually get out there and live.

I then stumbled across a site 101 Things to do in 1001 Days which appealed to me a little more because of the set time frame. Needless to say I did the same thing with this list. I am currently on my 3rd attempt at one of these lists. The first attempt was a complete flop. The second was heading that way, but I abandoned that list and wrote a new one when my life come to a road block earlier in the year and the number one task on that list was no long capable of happening. Heartbreak ensued and a new list was needed to pull me out of the hole I was slowly digging for myself. This list was started in June and currently I have completed 7 tasks and in progress with 9 others. That seems above average for me so that’s a start.

When browsing blogs I recently came across the birthday list, and decided to make one of these as well. It features mostly tasks to focus on off my bigger list, which probably means I should just stick to the first list. I have also started to write a list of the top 10 things I would like to have achieved before I die.

So I think it is clear I most certainly am a list maker. But I do not believe I am a list doer. Too much time is spent sitting around waiting, wasting the seconds, waiting for the perfect conditions to start something.. energetic, not tired, not too hot, a clean space, enough spare time to get it completed, no distractions i.e. kids.  It’s so easy to let the seconds slip away completely unaware, until the end of the night when your laying in bed wondering where the day went and what on earth did you accomplish.  And with that I guess this post did serve a purpose as a small pep talk I am off to enjoy a hot coffee and to clean some of the clutter around my home that squashes any daily motivation before I have a chance to even get going.