This space is intended to be a space for a personal journey.  I often put my life on hold until I discover who I am or until I become the person I long to be. But when you actually live your life you are making personal discoveries and you are taking action to become the person you aspire to be. So live I shall.

About me:

I am  25.

I am a  mum to a beautiful boy, and a baby girl and my relationship with their father is currently complicated.

I am Australian.

I am a part time uni student, who wishes I was full time but I need the time to work to support my family.

I am CURRENTLY a procrastinator and a perfectionist… these 2  qualities combined equal catastrophe!!!

I struggle with the whole femininity thing.

I am an atrocious singer.

I am currently striving to become a reformed pessimist.

I am a list maker.

I am a work in progress.


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